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Calculate the impact on your cost and carbon footprint for your fleet

Analyze the factors that influence your impact in the environment with the sustainability calculator

Discover the impact of your actions when you retread or regroove your tyres, thanks to the sustainability impact calculator.

The results will highlight CO2 and raw materials saving:
- CO2 is the carbon dioxide in the air, which is mainly responsible for the climate change
- Raw materials are the waste you avoid when producing a new tyre

The more you retread or regroove your tyres the more you are doing for the planet.

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What is retreading ?

Retreading means replacing a tyre's worn tread with a new tread. It is perfect for fleets that want to cut their operating costs and environmental footprint.

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What is regrooving ?

Regrooving involves removing rubber from the layer of existing rubber to restore tread pattern depth.


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Mesure the benefits of retreading your tyres

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Calculate the effect on regrooving your tyres

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Simulates and reduce your fuel consumption

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