Michelin’s presence in Africa dates back to the 1940’s and since then, we have established various entities on the continent to continue the mission of fulfilling the Group’s purpose of offering everyone a better way forward.

In Central Africa you can find the Société Moderne du Pneumatique Camerounais (SMPC) agency in Douala, Cameroon and the Michelin Tyre Services (MTS) agency in Lagos, Nigeria, established in 1958 and 1961 respectively.

While in Southern Africa, you can find the Michelin Tyre Company South Africa agency in Johannesburg, founded in 1943 but trading officially from 1998.

Additionally, we have representatives in different African markets as well as partners importing and distributing on our behalf.

Michelin offers the diverse continent of Africa a wide variety of products and services across our brand portfolio, from bicycle tyres right up to mining tyres.

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