Car en ville près d'une place
Car en ville près d'une place

Passenger transport

Reliability and safety to improve your urban, regional and long-distance mobility

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Tyres developed for urban passenger transport by bus.

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Range of services and solutions  

Our innovative solutions for bus and coach tyres, vehicles and drivers provide you with support on a daily basis, offering your passengers the peace of mind they are entitled to.

Un pneu en phase de recreusage en usine

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Un pneu en phase de recreusage en usine

Why regroove your tyres?

New patterns to extend the life of your tyres

Rechapage d'un pneu en atelier

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Rechapage d'un pneu en atelier

Why retread your tyres?

A new tread pattern to extend the life of your tyres


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For more than 100 years, the Michelin group has had a single ambition: to improve their clients’ mobility in exemplary safety conditions  and comfort. For all passenger transport professionals, bus and coach operators, specialising in long distances or regional or urban transport, Michelin will help you find the coach tyre best suited to your applications. Whether you are looking for extended life or improved traction, whatever the season, Michelin will always be at your side to help you to develop your business without inconvenience.

Make an uncompromising choice for your passengers and drivers with Michelin HGV tyres for passenger transport and find the right tyre and size with the help of our search tool (for example 275/70R22.5 for urban buses, 295/80R22.5 for coaches). Also discover Michelin’s tools and services for making your bus or coach fleet safer and enjoy even more peace of mind for your company.

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