edito new tyres at factory help and advice
edito new tyres at factory help and advice

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Your work is demanding, and Michelin is demanding of its tyres too!

Whatever your business, Michelin has the tyre that best meets your needs and will drive your company's performance. That is why Michelin has created a "Tyre Selector" tool to help you search for and choose tyres: with just a few clicks below, you can find the tyre that matches your vehicle and your use. Whether you work in transport, handling, construction, public works, agriculture, fleet management or many other sectors, Michelin will always have the product or service you need!


Reference documents

Technical brochures, pressure charts, warranties, datasheets: the documents you need are free to download here.


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Edito michelin remix tyre Help and Advice

Image d'un pneu rechapé Michelin Remix

Discover our truck and bus tyre retreading and regrooving solutions and all their advantages and benefits in order to enhance the performance of your MICHELIN truck tyres.

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Michelin truck tyres are regrooved by removing rubber from the base of the tread pattern. Regrooving optimises mileage potential, reduces fuel consumption and improves grip for your tyres.

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Background why michelin Help and Advice

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Why Michelin?

Making mobility safer, more effective and more sustainable so that everyone can make more confident progress...
... that is our purpose.

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