Analysis of the conditions on-site

Analyse your mining site’s driving conditions

Picto  Mining key visual Mining and quarries

Picto Mining key visual Mining and quarries


The service life of a tyre depends to a large extent on how well the tracks and the worksites, in general, are maintained (possible presence of stones, ruts/undulations, drainage efficiency, etc.)

This is why Michelin’s technicians, at your side in your field of activity, are on hand to:

• Carry out site audits: general maintenance of tracks and loading (and unloading) areas

• Propose improvement measures


To improve a site’s productivity while preserving tyre performance, it is sometimes useful to re-examine the track profiles (slopes, elevation, turning circles etc.).

The improvement in productivity leads to an increase in the extraction rate. In preserving the general safety of the site, this evolution must also take into account the limits imposed by the machines and their tyres.
This is why Michelin’s technicians propose full site audits, in the course of which various vehicle parameters are analysed; for example, accelerations, speeds adopted in bends, braking (frequency, duration, harshness), etc.

This analysis, made with specific software connected to a GPS, serves as a basis for recommending track profile improvements, maximum speeds at various points (depending on the machines and/or loads), etc.

CONTROL OF LORRY LOADS (weighing and centring of loads)

edito photo mining 9 mining and quarries

edito photo mining 9 mining and quarries

Depending on the density of the materials transported, completely filling a loader bucket or a truck’s skip can cause the machines to be working under conditions of permanent overload.

Similarly, the uneven loading of a skip can cause overloading on one side, concentrated on particular tyres. Regular weighing of the trucks (high density is concerned) allows optimisation and control of loads.

Michelin’s technicians can carry out very precise loading checks, or recommend companies that can do so.

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