The Michelin Truck Service Centre (MTSC) is a premium truck and bus service centre operating under the Michelin brand.
Offering high quality tyres, expert product knowledge, and fast service, MTSC provides truck and bus owners with a complete range of professional solutions.

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At MTSC we can check oil and lubricant levels, replace them or top up if necessary.

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MTSC uses top of the range diagnostics to detect engine problems before they occur. Once we have detected the problem, we can offer a range of solutions to help prevent damage and keep your vehicle on the road. As part of the MTSC offering we also sell Batteries and provide additional services like globe replacements and brake adjustments services to assist your fleet in running at its best.

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Every engine needs to breathe properly to enable you to keep the tyres of your fleet rolling. MTSC technicians can check your air and oil filters, and replace them if necessary.

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When servicing your fleet it is critical to remember that your tyres must also be rotated. Tyre rotation (moving the tyres on your vehicles from one position to another) ensures even wear, extends their lifespan and improves performance. Most drive axle tyres strictly need to be rotated to prevent heel and toe wear on the block patterns. To assist you, we offer a complete tyre rotation service at MTSC (Michelin Truck Service Centre).

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With the advantage of having larger air molecules when using nitrogen, your fleet will maintain the correct pressure for longer. It is harder for air to move through the rubber of the tyre, thus extending your tyre life and improving performance.

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To assist with proper maintenance we have full alignment pits and use only the best equipment to ensure accuracy and professionalism.

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When it comes to getting the most out of your tyres, retreading is the way go. When considering the 4 stages of the tyre life cycle, a Michelin casing has the potential of achieving multiple retreads per casing. Recamic, Michelin’s retreading rubber, gives you optimal performance and a better cost per kilometre from your Michelin casing.

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We use the best tyre changers and balancing machines to strip, fit and balance the tyres on your vehicle. This ensures that the tyres are fitted properly to reduce stress on the bead and helps prevent damages to the tyre.

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When you visit an MTSC dealership, you can be sure that your tyres are in good hands. Our highly skilled technicians have been trained to repair, regroove your tyres using the latest equipment while using Michelin approved techniques. With the full range of Michelin and Kormoran tyres available, we are able to meet the needs of all our customers.

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If your battery is running low, visit your nearest MTSC dealer as they will be able to check if it needs to be replaced. We stock only the best quality batteries to ensure that you can stay on the road for longer.

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MTSC offers a full range of fleet services and inspections at the point of sale, as well as on-site with the end-user.

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Looking for a specific brand of wheels? We will source them for you. We don’t just sell tyres at MTSC, we sell Wheels too.

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