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Empowering women in South Africa's trucking industry: A transformative journey

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An extraordinary transformation is taking place in South Africa's transport sector, spearheaded by visionary individuals who are reshaping the industry's landscape. One such prominent figure is Nicci Scott, the Chief Executive Director of the Commercial Transport Academy (CTA).

Her influential voice echoes through the halls of change, illuminating a path towards empowering women in the trucking industry. This journey not only champions diversity but also serves as a catalyst for economic empowerment and societal progress. She shares her thoughts in this empowering “What’s Treading” article.

An industry in flux

Over the last ten years, South Africa has experienced a significant increase in fatal truck crashes due to its growing dependence on road freight transport. In this changing landscape, Nicci champions the importance of a diverse workforce that goes beyond mere gender equality. Her valuable insights offer a strategic response to the challenges of the industry, inviting women to participate in a traditionally male-dominated domain.

Women's evolving role in trucking

The trucking industry has long been overshadowed by stereotypes, with an emphasis on physical strength as a prerequisite for success. However, it is crucial to challenge this outdated notion and propel ourselves forward to showcase the industry's evolution. Modern trucks, equipped with advanced automatic features, prioritise attentiveness over mere brawn. This paradigm shift not only creates opportunities for women but also reshapes the industry narrative from exclusion to inclusivity.

The power of women drivers

Prominent figures highlight the innate strengths of women behind the wheel. Data from Discovery South Africa and extensive global research provide evidence that women consistently stand out as safer, more cost-effective drivers. These numbers paint a compelling picture of heightened safety, decreased risks and a positive financial impact, all contributing to the industry's success.

Women driving financial success

In the dynamic field of transport economics, gender diversity not only promotes inclusivity but also drives significant financial gains. It is crucial to recognise often overlooked aspects, such as women's attentiveness to vehicle maintenance, which can have far-reaching impacts on a company's financial health. By embracing gender diversity, companies can experience reduced maintenance costs, improved fuel efficiency, and fewer accidents, ultimately bolstering their bottom line. This compelling argument underscores the importance of the wider adoption of gender diversity within the industry.

A holistic approach to inclusivity

While we acknowledge the progress made, it is important to recognise that there are still obstacles women face when venturing into the trucking profession. Overcoming outdated beliefs and unconscious biases requires a comprehensive approach. By incorporating coaching, mentoring, and fostering collaboration within the industry, we can actively break down resistance and cultivate a culture that champions gender diversity.

Navigating challenges, embracing opportunities

With a keen eye for both challenges and opportunities, Nicci's programmes generate success stories that surpass mere anecdotes. They serve as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the industry. Beyond mere statistics, Nicci envisions a cultural shift where gender diversity becomes a driving force for transformative change. She emphasises that the road ahead is not solely about steering trucks; rather, it is about steering the entire industry towards a future where women’s place in trucking is assured.

Nicci's transformative journey and profound insights drive a revolution in South Africa's trucking industry. Her call to action reverberates not as a singular voice, but as a harmonious chorus of change – an ambitious collective effort to redefine the industry's narrative.


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